Our group of professionals focus on providing our clients with the very best possible service. We believe in quality with respect to any project. The job is not only lifting.  It is the immersive design of any rig to work with the event’s overall aesthetic.  In any Production Rigging scenario, be it live event or broadcast, BNW takes our work first prioritizing to the job, emphasizing your events needs first.

We can provide you with:

Production Rigging, Structure, and Flown Rigging Design, Venue Inspection
Hoist Inspection, Cataloged Maintenance, and Repair
Anchor and Point Installation
Venue Rigging Management
Ropes Access Services
Risk Management
Rigging and Safety Education
Rigging Consultations
Rigging Labor
Rigging Gear Rental
MOD Truss Rentals, Sales & Solutions
Kabuki Installation
Aerialist & Circus Rigging
Automated Video Walls
Turn-Key Structure Design and Implementation